TCPP_Programming DSA Systems oo_course movement

Originally described by Steven K. Andrianoff and David B. Levine

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The instructor plays the role of the main program, and students play the role of one or more acrobats.

The instructor illustrates message passing by addressing student acrobats. For example, suppose that the students were John and Mary. The instructor would say things like “John Clap 3” or “Mary Knee Bend 4”, or “John Count”.

The activity reinforces the following concepts:

The authors mention that instructors should reference the activity frequently as the students learn more to help reinforce concepts.

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This activity may be difficult for students with mobility issues.


Andrianoff and Levine used the activity on the first or second day of class in the context of a workshop or object oriented course. While the paper focuses mostly on object oriented design (that is the focus of the last two activities) the authors report that all the activities are generally beneficial.