Accessibility View

Accessibility is a broadly-used term in computing that can refer to increasing the equity in representation in computing disciplines or the making computer science more accessible to people with disabilities. In this view, we classify PDC unplugged activities by senses they employ and the medium in which they are typically communicated. Instructors looking to inject diversity into the way they present their pedagogy or who have students with disabilities may find this view particularly helpful.

Educators who are newly teaching students with disabilities should note that there are various learning aids that have been developed that can be used in conjunction with these activities. For example, there are Brailled low-vision numbered flash cards and playing cards, which can be useful for a variety of sorting exercises. Resonator Bell sets or miniature hand bells are low cost-ways to replace numbers with sounds.

Generally Accessible

The following activities have been labeled "generally accessible", meaning that we believe they will be suitable for a wide range of audiences.


The sensory categories are as follows: Sight, Touch, Sound, and Movement. Note that several unplugged activities can overlap several categories. This classification may be specifically useful for educators who have students with disabilities.

Sense Unplugged Activities
Sight ArrayAddition; StuffingEnvelopes; See All (27)
Touch StuffingEnvelopes; CoinFlip; See All (10)
Sound FaultTolerantTokenRing; FindYoungestStudentInClass; See All (2)
Movement MessagePassingAcrobats; ArrayAddition; See All (14)


Students learn in a variety of ways, and some students prefer different mediums of communication than others. This section classifies unplugged activities by the medium of communication.

Medium Unplugged Activities
Analogy FlowerJoinAnalogy; SurvivorAnalogy; See All (11)
Role-Play/Dramatization NondeterministicSorting; PipelineSort; See All (11)
Game FindSmallestCard; PenGame; See All (4)
Chalk/White-Board ArrayAddition; AddLargeNumbers; See All (6)
Paper ArrayAddition; ParallelAddition; See All (8)
Cards ArrayAddition; ParallelGarbageCollection; See All (6)
Coins CoinFlip; FindOldestPenny; See All (2)
Pens ArrayAddition; PenGame; See All (2)
Food SweetenJuice; PBJinParallel; See All (4)
Musical Instruments FaultTolerantTokenRing; See All (1)