Course View

This view classifies PDC unplugged activities by their recommended implementation in courses. Course recommendations are made by authors or derived from the TCPP Curriculum Initiative. All of the listed courses (unless specified) are for undergraduate students, unless otherwise specified. Definitions for CS1, CS2, and DSA are derived from the TCPP Curriculum Initiative. It should also be noted that CS1, CS2, DSA and Systems are designated by TCPP as "core" undergraduate courses where it is strongly recommended to introduce parallelism.


The following activities have been used or recommended for K-12 students. Most do not assume any background in computing.


A CS0 course is a computing course that usually has no pre-requisites. While all CS0 courses have some level of programming, no prior background in computing is assumed. CS0 is frequently taken by non-computing majors at the undergraduate level.


A CS1 course is usually the first programming course in the major.


A CS2 is the second programming course in the introductory programming sequence in the major. Sometimes called "Data Structures" at some institutions.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA) is a third programming course in the introductory programming sequence at some institutions, which focuses on data structures and basic algorithmic theory.


Introductory treatment to computer systems topics. Possible names are "computer systems", "computer organization".

Advanced Courses

The focus of this curation is primarily introductory courses and K-12; however, occasionally in the literature advanced courses are recommended as places where unplugged activities are utilized. The following table highlights some of these courses:
Course Unplugged Activities
Operating Systems PBJinParallel; See All (1)
Object Oriented Programming MessagePassingAcrobats; CompanyAnalogy; See All (2)
Programming Languages FlowerJoinAnalogy; ArrayAddition; See All (5)
Parallel/Concurrent Programming PlantingTrees; KitchenAnalogy; See All (6)
Graduate Level StabalizingLeaderElection; ParallelGarbageCollection; See All (4)