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Originally described by Paulo A.G. Sivilotti and Scott Pike

Paper and poster available online:


See paper and poster for full details. A high level summary is provided below:

Learning Objectives The paper states that the activity has the following learning objectives:

Tips from the authors * Ensure that students cannot see other people’s index cards from far away; otherwise, they may make implicit comparisons.

CS2013 Knowledge Unit Coverage

Formal Models and Semantics

6. Decide if a specific execution is linearizable or not.

TCPP Topics Coverage

Algorithms Topics

Cross cutting and Advanced Topics

The instructors used this activity in an upper-level undergraduate course on parallel programming. They also recommend the activity for graduate students.


This activity may be difficult for students who are mobility challenged or have low vision. To assist students in the latter category, we suggest that cards be purchased that have visible numbers and Braille.


No assessment provided.